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Facial Serum 101


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  I was searching for the best moisturizer for my skin type, when almost every article that I’d go to would always include the facial serum in their recommendations. I knew right then and there that this facial serum is different from a typical facial moisturizer. However, there became an even greater CONFUSION BUILDUP which led me to asking questions such as “What’s the big difference between a facial moisturizer and a facial serum?”, “What exactly is a facial serum?”, “Is a facial serum a type of moisturizer?”, “Do I need to use a facial serum?”,“Can I use facial serum instead of moisturizer?”.. The questions are endless.

I bet you are experiencing the same predicament right now that’s why you landed on my article. So, before you jump into the bandwagon without having any clue at all… Let us first, understand what the fuss is about.

In the dynamic and fast-growing world of beauty and skin care, the constant search for the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH is relentless. Hence, every now and then people try to discover new and promising beauty hacks that aim to promote, improve and maintain a beautiful and youthful appearance. The facial serum is one of their (not-so-latest) magic potions!

Facial Serum VS Facial Moisturizer

your genie in a bottle!
your genie in a bottle!

Facial serum is a lightweight, quick-absorbing moisturizer which is highly concentrated with potent ingredients that deeply penetrates the skin. The main difference between a facial moisturizer and a facial serum goes down to the molecular level. Basically, moisturizers have larger molecules than serums. The tiny molecules that make up a serum enable it to reach the deeper layers of the skin that a moisturizer cannot reach. Through this mechanism, the serum will then effectively deposit those powerful ingredients to these layers of the skin targeting the problem points that you want to address.

In other words, a facial moisturizer only hydrates the superficial layer of the skin while a facial serum can hydrate and even provide nutrients beneath the skin. What’s good about this is that, before these sublayers reach the surface, they will be nourished enough so that when they replace the top layer of the skin, you’ll notice a visibly healthy, glowing, softer and smoother skin. Ooohhh… tempting!! You’re probably going gaga right now and desperately wanting to get a hold of your own serum and thinking of replacing your moisturizer.

But, wait..Do not think of throwing away your good old moisturizers just yet. Because the truth is, serums and moisturizers go hand in hand. Because after successfully delivering the active nutrients beneath the skin, applying the facial moisturizer seals in the moisture and all the ingredients that the serum deposited inside. Not only that, the moisturizer also acts as a protective shield that saves the outer layer of the skin from the harsh environment. So, yeah you better keep your moisturizer with your serum.


How to properly use facial serums


It is important that you cleanse your face well because the active ingredients in serums might only stick to the dirt and dead skin if you don’t wash it properly. Next, use an alcohol-free toner. It is best to apply serums in a slightly damp skin because it is more permeable. So, gently massage the face serum all over your face using just a pea-sized amount because, again, it is heavily concentrated so just a small mount will do. Leave it to absorb for at least 5 minutes then apply your day/night cream and sunscreen on top of your serum.

However pricey this product may be, please do not expect to see results overnight. Remember, it targets the deeper layers of the skin so it will take some time, maybe 28 days or so for these sublayers to resurface. So, until then.. don’t judge your product too quickly. Just be patient.

Side effects of face serums

The downside of serums depend on the ingredients they contain. Take for example a retinoid serum. This kind of serum is prone to photosensitivity, dryness and itching. I know, how ironic. J but you can counteract these effects by simply applying moisturizing creams and sunscreen. Don’t worry, the benefits will surely outweigh the very few negatives for sure!

So, do you really need to use facial serums?

The question is, why not?
The question is, why not?

As facial serums contain active ingredients that individually target certain problem points (anti-aging, brightening, collagen-forming, anti-acne etc), the necessity of getting yourself a serum relies on the skin problems you want to address or perhaps the type of skin you want to achieve. So, unless you are absolutely content with your current skin condition, do yourself a favor and find your perfect facial serum. 😉


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