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Film Review: “Joy” Starring Jennifer Lawrence


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I am such a sucker for inspirational movies, especially when the main character is female. And if you are too, you’d probably want to watch this. I tell you, it won’t disappoint. 😉

  1. Why you should watch it:
    • If you are currently in a shaky situation, troubled, surrounded by cynical people, clueless about why you’re in the hellhole that you are in right now, or just simply needing a push to go on despite life’s setbacks, this is the movie that will bring back that beam of HOPE in you. If you think life is treating you badly, this will give you a new perspective and a good reason why you shouldn’t give up on life, on yourself and on other people.
  2. Perfect time to watch it:
    • Anytime, as long as you’re not looking to watch a typical “feel-good” chick flick kind of movie because this can also be a tear-jerker yet awe-inspiring kind of movie experience. Need a lift? Grab a popcorn and prepare a hanky..
  3. Who to watch it with:
    • Anyone save for your girls who appear to be excited to watch something fun, exciting or romantic. Lol This could be perfect for you and your bestfriend for a night cap or a weekend with your husband if he is the sensitive type. 😀 But I suggest that you watch it alone if you want to absorb every bit of significance it has to offer-from the characters to the story line itself.
  4. Favorite scene:
    • There are so many segments that touched me, some piqued my anger others made me cry.. It’s a roller coaster of emotions if you totally pay attention to the main character. It’s hard to pick a favorite scene but the one that has the most impact in me is the part when she had a “reawakening”, wherein her younger self showed into her dream giving her a wake-up call about how she lost 17 years of her life living in misery thinking she had also lost her chance to fulfill her ambitions after a major family problem hit them, when all she had lost was her will to continue a life of hope, zest and belief that she can still do amazing things despite adversities because all she actually needed was herself. Believe me, it’ll hit you too.. spot on.
  5. Favorite character:
    • Joy, of course. She is not your typical ultra-feminine character. She is strong yet sensitive.. Feisty yet compassionate.. At first you’ll be annoyed at how she tolerates such people and circumstances in her life. She was practically a martyr. But that’s also one of the reasons why you’ll appreciate her character more. Later on, after realizing her worth and recognizing her capabilities, she had an overpowering belief in herself and what she can achieve so she worked hard to make it happen. Her resilience was astonishing, and her “never say die” attitude is inspiring. There are so many lessons you can learn from her character alone I could go on forever.


Notable Quotes:

  • “Remember what was lost 17 years ago. 17 years – think about it! We’ve been hiding for 17 years. We used to make things. But that all stopped. What happened?When you’re hiding, you’re safe, because people can’t see you. But the funny thing is that you’re hidden from yourself as well”

-If you watch the film you’ll understand how deeply moving this line is. I wish all of us can have that self-awakening where our real self who’s tucked somewhere down our subconscious will remind us how great we can be especially in times when we lose faith in ourselves.. which in my case happens all the time.

I wrote a separate blog about the lessons I learned from this  movie. You can read about it here.

So, there.. I hope you find this movie as awesome as I did.. enjoy watching!



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